Training Platform

What Is It?

The "practical training platform", different from the training platform, is a cyber security practical training platform integrating training, practice, contest, and assessment. It provides cyber security attack & defense knowledge training and jeopardy practice, supports online CTF contests, and forms an integrated talent capability assessment system. Traditional training focuses on theories, while the practical training platform is committed to improvement of practical capabilities.

Why Is It Needed?

Under severe global cyber security situations, cyber security events occur frequently. Cyberspace has become the fifth domain after land, sea, air, and space. Ensuring cyberspace security is to guarantee national sovereignty. Information security has been raised to the national strategic level. As stressed by Mr. Xi Jinping, there will be no national security without cyber security. And competition in cyberspace is a competition in talent in the final analysis.

Industries such as armed forces, national defense, banking, taxation, securities, authorities, and e-commerce are in urgent need of cyber security talents, and millions of cyber security talents are in lack currently. Inferior practical capabilities of cyber security talents can not meet enterprise requirements. 

The traditional security training mode stressing theories cannot effectively improve practical attack & defense capabilities. Therefore, a superior attack & defense practical training platform is needed. 


  • Training

More than 1000 pieces of cyber security training courseware are provided with different difficulties, in formats such as PDF, PPT, video, and Word. Courseware content covers both attack & defense methods and supports a fast update.

  • Knowledge base

There are more than 100000 loopholes collected in the knowledge base. Each loophole item has the relevant information such as tittle, description, original codes, product involved, solution.

  • Practice

Routine jeopardy practice restores classical vulnerability cases and provides a complete writeup to help improve practical capabilities. More than 10000 theoretical exercises and more than 1000 CTF practical exercises are provided.

  • Examination

The platform provides the exam management function to generate exams for user-defined exam sites. Question types include single/multi-choice questions and fill-in-the-blank questions. After training, trainees are examined based on the built-in question database and automatically scored for their mastery of theoretical basis. 

  • Contest

The platform supports online CTF contests, personal jeopardy and challenging, and team jeopardy, challenging, and sharing. 

  • Analysis and assessment

The system records trainees' learning tracks, jeopardy results, and contest situations and generates a capability system diagram for each trainee based on Big Data analysis, which provides support for trainee skill improvement, talent selection, and position matching.