Agent Policy

1, Channel Orientation
The channel guides sales channels of CyberPeace, for universities, enterprises,military, public security, finance and other industries to provide networksecurity information services.

2, Thecomposition of the channel system

First channel system: CyberPeace’s channel system using theagency system, authorized agents in the designated area for CyberPeace softwareproduct sales and security services.

Second the governing: CyberPeace sale headquarter for thechannel development and management of the highest institutions, CyberPeacecompany affiliated branches, regional agents for the channel second levelmanagement agencies.

Third system structure: CyberPeace's channel system consists ofthe following levels: sale headquarter, branches, regional agents, authorizedagents.

Sale headquarter: sale headquarter as the channel policy maker, performerand supervisor, is the channel system managers, also provides support for thechannel service. Saleheadquarter decomposition of the company's overall marketing tasks, organizesthe implementation of the market, supervision and promotion of market work topromote the progress of partners, and partners in the market work and sale workto assessment and evaluation.

Branch: CyberPeace under the subsidiaries, offices. Responsiblefor the provincal market channels to expand, channel management, partnersupport and services, industry relations to establish and clear the marketplatform management and marketing work to promote the work.

Regional distributor: refer to the CyberPeace’s writtenauthorization in the designated area, the regional distributor with theidentity of the sales promotion of CyberPeace products partners, at the sametime access to CyberPeace authorized in the region to develop authorized agentsBusiness, channeldevelopment, channel management and channel support work.

Authorized agent: refer to the CyberPeace written authorization inthe designated area, to authorized the identity of agents, distribution CyberPeaceproduct partner is the main component of the channel. Authorized agentssub-licensing authorized agents, silver licensing agents, bronze authorizedagents several levels.

Cooperation agent: refer to the CyberPeace’s writtenauthorization in the designated area, as a cooperative agent, the distributionof CyberPeace product partner, the authorization based on the basis of equalityand cooperation between the two sides, but also CyberPeace channel of the constituent parts.

3, Thepartner certification standards

  • level regional distributor certificationstandards (provincial)

1. An independent legal entity with a registered capital of over 5 million RMBand a working capital of not less than 3 million RMB. The ‘business scope’ ofthe registered business license of the local administration and industryadministration is ‘Computer Software Sales’ and ‘Network Integration’ (Or with the meaning) content.

2. Enterprise with good reputation, good corporate image and corporatecharm;

3. Enterprises have long-term development goals, with a strong and idealismleadership team, a unity and full of vitality of the workforce.

4. Have strong financial strength and extensive social channels;

5. Have a deep education industry background, in the industry having a widerange of influence, and education authorities at all levels to maintain a goodrelationship of cooperation.

6. Have a profound understanding and recognition of CyberPeace companyphilosophy and products; support CyberPeace's market channel strategy, willingto help all the region's CyberPeace partner common development;

7. CyberPeace company engaged in product sales and marketing for more thana year, the market performance is good and fast growth with no illegal records;

8. At least 4 people through the CyberPeace market headquarter trainingcertification, independent organization CyberPeace product demonstrations,reports, exhibitions and various training activities.

9. Have the strength to provide high quality post-sale service andtechnical support for schools in the region.

10. With the provincial level system integration qualificationcertification.

11. Completed the market objectives set by CyberPeace.

  • level Authorized agency certification standards

1. An independent legal entity with a registered capital of more than 2million RMB and a working capital of not less than 1 million RMB. In theregistration of the business license of the local administration, the ‘scope ofbusiness’has ‘computer software sales’(or the same meaning) content;
2. Reputable, in the local have a certain educational background, in theeducation sector have a certain influence;
3. to complete a certain annual payment task;
5. At least one person within 2 months after signing the training through CyberPeacemarketing headquarter certification;
6. Have the ability to provide end-users with post-sales service, training andtechnical support.
Cooperative Agent Certification standards:
1. An independent legal entity with a registered capital of more than 1 millionRMB and a working capital of not less than 500,000 RMB. The ‘business scope’ of‘business license’ (or the same meaning) is registered in the business licenseof the local administration, content;
2. Reputable, in the local have a certain educational background, in theeducation sector have a certain influence.