XCTF Singapore station HITB GSEC CTF first day of intense fighting !


        August 24 at 10:00 am, by the Cyber Peace network security, blue lotus team, XCTF League and HITB jointly organized, 360 strategy to support the XCTF League Singapore Station International HITB GSEC CTF hot war! The competition created a new game mode, in addition to the invited 28 teams gathered in Singapore Intercontinental Hotel, while the world's more than 500 pieces of CTF clan through the XCTF community online team to participate in the competition. In addition to the victory of the competition in the competition, the organizers will also be online, line under the championship team issued finals qualifying, which is the last race of the season races. In the first day of the war 8 hours of the game, many top international clan in the standings shift transposition.

  Cyber Peace training new platform practical training platform exclusive technical support of this competition, as the first support of the Chinese team to go abroad to run the game products, the new cool on the line of the title of the flagship 3D dynamic display results, attracted HITB partners, ("Cool", "Wonderful", "Sexy"), India, Singapore and other international counterparts on the Xining training platform, attack and defense platform and shooting platform and other products are very interested in the expression of further cooperation intention.
       The competition will be tomorrow (August 25) 16:00 pm end, which team finally able to successfully get this year's finals tickets and get rich rewards? We will wait and see! XCTF community event live channel (https://www.xctf.org.cn/live/all/) will also continue to live for live and offline live, please pay attention!