Cyber Peace Supports the CTF Elite Competition of Nanjing University

On July 12th, the computer science institute of nanjing university organized the CTF of computer science, which led to the opening of the summer CTF. This competition adopts the Nanjing Cyber Peace Practical Training platform, and the network security team of Cyber Peace provides technical support for this competition.

CTF has attracted many students' attention. Three elite teams were selected for the competition.

With the beginning of summer, the degree of attention to network security course in colleges and universities has become increasingly obvious, some colleges and universities encourage students to participate in the XCTF-XMan summer camp, some began to use holiday held CTF series, cultivate more students' interest.

Nanjing university has done a good lead demonstration role, summer campus CTF, one of the series of activities of white hat, not only provides students with an opportunity to practice experience the CTF events, also strengthen the competition study atmosphere, improves the students’ skills of network security actual combat on campus. In the next XMan training camp, the white hat alliance's elite will bring you more unexpected surprises! In the future, white hat alliance will continue to organize more meaningful network security activities, please pay attention!