Whitehat technology salon - bringing you up to the auto safety challenge!

July 7, Saturday afternoon, the second XCTF white hat alliance technology salon - auto safety knowledge sharing held as scheduled! 

Many college students from the league of white hat, sharing automotive safety knowledge together with an interest, and put forward their own questions.

The event started at 14:30, and seven pals from nanjing technology university were willing to take two hours to attend the salon. There's nothing to stop them from yearning for cyber security and automotive safety.

The speaker of the Sharon, Cyber Peace team, introduces the experiences and feelings after winning the second place of the car safety challenge in Tianjin.

 Then, students from nanjing aeronautics and astronautics university introduced some details knowledge of the challenge involved in, such as CAN bus, OBD2 agreement, etc., and their thinking and concrete operation methods on each round in the car crack challenge.

Finally, They had a lot fun together with the XCTF's geek room escape!