First day of competition! XCTF league zhengzhou station ZCTF online competition starts today!

        The second ZCTF online preliminary round, startingtoday at 9 am, as of 6 pm, ROIS clan to 1500 in the first place, FlappyPig clanand Lancet clan with a slight gap followed, respectively, score 1200 points and1100 points; NSIS, 110066 temporarily 4,5.
The game appeared ROIS, FlappyPig, Lancet, NSIS, Tianshu and many other trumpcard clan figure, more FFF, hu da da da and other new clan emergence, recruitsveteran Qi battle, the strength of performance are not vulgar, not small watchfor! The first day of the race temporarily come to an end, the game fighting asalways, brilliant, ranking ranking several times, you catch me, is wonderful!

        The first day ofthe tournament TOP10

       ZCTF competitionplatform - XCTF training platform

Competitionaward setting:

Specialprize (1) 5000 yuan bonus, honorary certificate and XCTF finals quota;

Firstprize (1) 3000 yuan bonus and certificate of honor;

Secondprize (2) 1000 yuan bonus and certificate of honor;

Thirdprize (3) souvenir and certificate of honor;