Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Industry Liu Lihua and his entourage came to Nanjing Saining research guidance

On the afternoon of September 20, liu lihua, a member of the party committee of the ministry of industry and information technology and vice minister of the ministry of industry and industry, led a research group to visit the nanjing Cyber Peace network for inspection and investigation. Hu Xuetong, deputy director of the jiangsu province economic and information commission jiangning district party committee, standing committee member and secretary of municipal party committee of nanjing shi-gui li, jiangning district party committee standing committee, the standing deputy district chief li bin, zijin (jiangning) kechuang, d.c., director of Chen Guoyun, nanjing Cyber Peace Gao Qingguan information technology co., LTD., vice general manager and  others accompanied research is introduced.

In addition, the company has demonstrated the relevant scenes of the Cyber Peace practical training platform and the cyber range, and introduced the company's development and achievements in nanjing Cyber Peace.

Liu lihua led a tour to the Cyber Peace pavilion

   Gao Qingguan introduced , nanjing Cyber Peace is based on the national cyber security strategy demand, positioning for the collection of technical research and development, personnel training, security testing and consulting services as one of the high-tech enterprise network security. Cyber Peace is rich in network security education training in the field of resources and experience, founding team organized domestic the most famous of network security technology team, tsinghua Blue Lotus (Blue Lotus) and turned over to the big 0 ops team, in 2016 achieved international network security technical challenge and competition of DEFCON CTF (" network security in the World Cup "), the world's second best record of Chinese history, the first in Asia.

    As of now, the company has undertaken the first BCTF "baidu cup" national network security technology anti-competition competition based on the network security countermeasures and anti-defense platform based on nanjing Cyber Peace research and development. two XCTF network security against the league; National cyber security technology competition sponsored by China information security assessment center;And the third information security skills competition in jiangsu province. Cyber Peace to undertake XCTF league is now one of the highest domestic scale is biggest, the most influential platform neutrality events, in order to enhance the overall level of security personnel in colleges and universities domestic, shorten the technology gap with the international first-class teams as the goal.

    Vice minister liu lihua listened to the introduction of Cyber Peace, and expressed full affirmation and praise for the achievements of Cyber Peace. Especially now when the national network safety week, the country was carry out propaganda and strengthen the work, the better performance of high response, chairman of the acquisition of "no network security, no national security".

    "For the people of the network security, network security by the people", and hopes of Cyber Peace will continue to develop innovative, pioneering spirit, discover and cultivate more talents network security, enhance network security technology talent level, enhance the defense capability of the network space safety in our country, in the near future, become a real talent of the huangpu military academy "network security, network attack and defense against platform leader"!