The first station of the 2nd XCTF international league was successfully held!

On the 13th, the second XCTF international cyber security technology against the league was hosted by Nanjing Cyber Peace, and the first off-line final was successfully concluded in fuzhou. Flappypig, a multi-collegiate team of students, led the way to the championship, earning 20,000 yuan and the first ticket to the Nanjing finals of the XCTF. Forx, a team of the university of science and technology of Taiwan and the 0ops team of Shanghai jiao tong university won the second and third place respectively.

Second XCTF international league sponsored by national innovation and development strategy research, programming for fuzhou, xi 'an, Beijing, Shanghai, four international legs in Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and other domestic competition.The Fuzhou race wins from the first XCTF finals runner-up, Fuzhou university institute of science in mathematics with computer science ROIS team organization, information security teams are in mainland China, Taiwan and Vietnam, countries such as Ukraine students united.