National Network Security Technology Competition held in Nanjing

On May 2, the nationalnetwork security technology competition finals in Nanjing Zijin (Jiangning)technology and entrepreneurship special community opened the curtain, aroundthe eight promotion team of more than 40 players on-site "flag Game"mode of the network system attack and defense against. The nation'slargest "hacking contest" started the online qualifying tournament inearly March, attracting 468 teams in the Mainland and Hong Kong and Taiwan,more than 2,500 technical experts in cybersecurity, top hackers online, USA,Japan More than 10 international clan also joined the competition, theparticipating members mainly from colleges and universities, Internet andnetwork security companies, network geek team, and ultimately, the Chinesemainland 7 clan, Taiwan team 1 clan into the final. The tournament aims to testthe level of China's network security technology, found that training networksecurity personnel, the game champion will receive bonuses, business support,related work and other awards. After the final, will also hold the NationalNetwork Security Technology Summit.